WELCOME! This blog is a resource for innovators, and for those who want to be innovators.

Every two weeks or so, I will share a few thoughts about innovation to stimulate reflection and action on your part. Sometimes, I’ll explain some basics on how world-class innovation works. Other posts may cover the cultural issues – within the organization and in society at large – that affect the success rate of innovation. Government, academia, technology and global affairs will also show up on these pages from time to time.

With your help and participation, this blog can become the focus of an innovation community where practitioners can share their views, their experiences, their frustrations and their aspirations. We can all help, assist, teach and encourage each other. Even disagreements can fuel learning for all of us.

If you find a post to be of interest, please do leave a comment or a question. If there’s anything you want to share, or if you would like me to write about an innovation-related topic, send me an email or write a comment on any of my blog posts.

I hope that this blog will be of value to you on your innovation journey.

David Wittenberg
The Innovation Workgroup


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